Petroleum Sciences, Inc. is devoted to providing testing, consulting and education in asphalt technology. Our laboratory is located at N. 4817 Freya, Spokane, WA 99217. Our testing emphasizes testing of the asphalt used in paving, asphalt emulsions, slurry and chip seals and evaluation of asphalt pavements. We have over 50 years of experience in asphalt technology.

Technical Papers. I presented the first technical paper on 100% asphalt recycling in 1975 and we are still involved in technical areas of recycling. I was also a consultant to the State of Arizona on using tire rubber in asphalt pavements.

Asphalt Paving. While we no longer do mix designs for asphalt pavements, we have a deep understanding of mix design technology and how to improve quality while reducing costs. As a chemist I have a firm understanding of how water damages pavements and how to stop the damage.

Pavement Seals. Preserving pavements is very important. We ae experts on Surry Seals, Chip seals and other materials that are used to preserve the integrity of a pavement.

Consulting. We are primarily problem solvers. With my knowledge of the field I have the skills to to determining the cause of pavement stress simply by walk the pavement. We can also through testing determine whether a product meets specification requirement.

Education.We provide seminars and e-documents on asphalt technology. We have over 40 PowerPoints on the various technical areas of asphalt technology.

www.petroleumsciences.com, chemistdunning@gmail.com


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